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Aircontrol - Pneumatic and hydraulic

Aircontrol - Pneumatic and hydraulic


We design and manufacture products for a wide range of sectors that require pneumatic power, such as:

Steel and Metal Industry

Pneumatic cylinders and valves to open furnace doors, move levers or smoke exhaust systems. These are some of the uses for our products in this...


Linear dampers for stopping internal trucks and trapdoors, air compressors to power autonomous packaging equipment for all types of products.

Medicine and Cosmetics

Blood analysis machinery and lymphatic, body and facial massage devices are some examples of the devices manufactured for this sector that use...

Automotive industry

Shock absorbers and valves for standard and special x clamp welding lines. We manufacture products approved by the main car makers.

The Environment

Dampers to break the impact of wind on solar panels and wind devices, vapour recovery pumps to suck petrol fumes, vacuum pumps to measure air...

Intelligent Warehouses

The main intelligent, robotic warehouse companies use our products, such as safety shock absorbers adapted to each specific use.


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