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Aircontrol - Pneumatic and hydraulic

Aircontrol - Pneumatic and hydraulic


Air motors and brakes

Vane air motors

Vane motors

Pneumatic motors for a wide range of uses. ATEX approved.

Compact vane motors

Available with a wide range of planetary reduction units. ATEX approved.

Lube free vane air motors

As alternative for the traditional lubricated air motors GLOBE has developed the oil free NL-series. They generate high torques and low speeds of rotation required in many applications.

Specials motors

Compact stainless steel vane motors

Appropriate for the food industry and corrosive environments. ATEX approved.

Hydraulic gears with air motor

Possibility of customised manufacture for special uses. ATEX approved.

Motors with reducer

Geared vane air motors

Available with a wide range of reduction units. Possibility of customised manufacture. ATEX approved.

PFG-red series

Combination of vane motor and planetary gear unit ATEX approved.


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