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Aircontrol - Pneumatic and hydraulic

Aircontrol - Pneumatic and hydraulic



Ross Base-mounted valves

Only the sub-base is piped to the system. This makes valve exchange very easy, as there is no need for pipe breaking

Valves ISO 5599/I

W60 series

ISO metal-on-metal slide valves.

W64 series

ISO piston slide valves.

EnergySaver® valves

Reduce compressed air consumption up to 30%. Energy savers.

ISO Base plates

Base plates for the assembly of ISO valves.

Valves ISO 5599/II

W65 series

ISO valves with integrated electric connection.

Valves ANSI

W70 series

ANSI metal-on-metal slide valves.

W74 series

ANSI piston slide valves.

ANSI Base plates

Base plates for the assembly of ANSI valves.


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